Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Rapier, Bow and Arrows
Death: Unknown
Appears: Eulalia!

Osbil was a Guosim shrew prowspotter and the son of Log-a-Log Luglug. After his father was killed, he succeeded him as Log-a-Log. Osbil participated in the Battle of the Plateau, where he killed Stringle with an arrow in revenge for the death of his father. Osbil also started two Bladechants, one at Redwall Abbey, where he was knocked out by Mad Maudie to stop him from running to his death, and one before the Battle of the Plateau. At first he was angry at Mad Maudie for stopping him from avenging his father, but Maudie apologized and they remained friends. He was known to be headstrong and was for war first.

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