Owch Mansions consisted of many hives of wasps and hornets, who were persuaded to the location by Rangval the Rogue with lots of rotting fruit and dead plants. In between two weeping willows, the wasps had built four large nests. The hornets resided in the trunk of a dead wych elm tree, which Rangval had relocated to the river bank. Rangval was able to walk through Owch Mansions without being stung by the insects. He had also tied ropes to branches of the willow trees to disturb the nests from afar.

When Gruntan Kurdly's Brownrats thundered into the area, the wasps and hornets attacked them, severely hurting and even killing many of them.



  • In the US Eulalia! hardcover edition, the map in the front of the book is written as "Ouch Mansions" instead of "Owch Mansions".

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