Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Cane and Whip
Death: Killed by Ranguvar Foeseeker or drowned
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Parug was the searat bosun on the Goreleech. He was in general stupid and ill-tempered, prone to lash out against members of the lower decks. His duties as a bosun included running the crew and anchor, as well as acting as second mate. He was also in charge of the punishment of the deckhands. Along with Bullflay the slavemaster and Akkla (the ferret steersbeast who acted as first mate), Parug was among those whom the Goreleech's captain, Vilu Daskar, sought council with, even if the Sea Rogue leader was often frustrated by the rat's lack of intelligence. Parug is also described as a stolid character, and less gullible than most others aboard the ship.

When Beau and Vurg began stealing from the ship, Parug was asked to speculate who it was. He suggested that it was the Sea Bogle, which Daskar ridiculed. However, since the Bogle was a fraud perpetrated by Beau, Parug was indeed correct. He was in charge of punishing the "thieves", who were actually framed by Beau.

Parug also saw the Sea Bogle later on in the voyage. The Sea Bogle (Beau) pressed a piece of sailcloth with a poem on it into Parug's paw. Since he was illiterate (a further proof of his stupidity), he allowed the lower deckhand Grigg to read it. During the final battle for the Goreleech, Parug, along with Akkla, rallied the crew to the captain. It is unknown whether he was killed in Ranguvar Foeseeker's insane attack, or drowned; however, he certainly did die.