The Pearl Queen


Distinguishing Features:N/A
Captain(s):Finnbarr Galedeep, Slipp, Mariel Gullwhacker, Dandin and Bowly Pintips
Appears in:The Bellmaker

The Pearl Queen was a galleon owned by Finnbarr Galedeep, but later stolen by Slipp. Finnbarr, with Joseph the Bellmaker and others, reclaimed the ship and sailed it to the kingdom of Southsward. A short while into their voyage, the crew of the Pearl Queen was pursued by Strapp in his ship, the Shalloo, in order to capture it for himself, despite that it was formerly his brother's vessel. The crew managed to rid themselves of the searat and his crew when passing the Green Maelstrom. After Finnbarr's death, Mariel Gullwhacker, Dandin, and Bowly Pintips took the ship and sailed off in it, searching for adventure and it is unknown what happened to them or the vessel.

Known Crew

Known Vermin Crew


There is a dish called Pearl Queen Pudding at Redwall Abbey, named after the ship.

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