Phillip Vanderdecken

Known Year(s):1620
Place of Origin:Denmark
Appears in:Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, The Angel's Command, Voyage of Slaves

Phillip Vanderdecken was a Danish pirate, and captain of the Fleiger Hollander. As such, he was often referred to as "The Dutchman", the literal meaning of his surname is "of the decks". Vanderdecken was a ruthless Captain, not tolerating disrespect from any of his crew. As such, he was overzealous, believing he could sail his ship alone if necessary.

He also made a point of employing sailors of different nationalities, so that they would be less likely to mutiny against him.

Around the Cape Horn region, Vanderdecken went insane from hunger and inclement weather, to the point where he cursed God. An Angel subsequently appeared, cursing him and his crew to sail the seas forever, never to see the afterlife.