Pinny Wiltud

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Pinny Wiltud was a sturdy hogwife who wandered Mossflower Woods, and a possible relation to Uggo, Twoggs, and Drogbuk Wiltud. She wore a beautifully embroidered apron, and was a very good cook. Like all the Wiltuds, she was a bit of a glutton.

Pinny lived at Redwall Abbey for a time, but left in a huff when she was accused of stealing food (whether she actually did or not is uncertain). Many seasons later, she came upon the Rogue Crew, Long Patrol, and Guosim, who were following Drogbuk to the Abbey. As Drogbuk was a bit drunk, and in no mood to be helpful, Pinny offered to lead them the rest of the way. Along the journey, she proved very helpful, cooking all the meals, and knitting a warm garment from an old cloak for Drogbuk when he lost all his quills. Pinny was very fond of Posybud.