Species:Half Wildcat, half Feral Cat
Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Scimitar
Death: Killed by Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk
Appears: High Rhulain

Pitru was the son of Riggu Felis and Lady Kaltag, and the younger brother of Jeefra. Though the younger of the two brothers, he was the fiercest and most cunning. He secretly plotted to be ruler of Green Isle. Pitru often bullied his brother, and taunted him about how he was going to rule the fortress.

After deciding they were both spoilt, Riggu enlisted his sons under Weilmark Scaut as common soldiers. They ended up in a small boat which was capsized by rebelling otterslaves.

Pitru was the first to surface. A drowning and panicked Jeefra begged him for help, but Pitru refused, and smashed a wooden paddle over his brother's head and paws, knocking him out and killing him. The cats did not realize that Pitru had killed his brother, thinking it was the otters.

When Riggu left his fortress, Pitru, the newly-appointed Fortress Commander, made an impression on some of the catguards, in particular Yund, Balur, and Hinso. He ordered Yund to kill Atunra, Riggu's lifetime companion, and Yund complied. Pitru attempted to take over his father's fortress, but failed.

Later he abandoned the fortress with those loyal to him and set up an encampment on the side of the Deeplough. After defeating Riggu the otterclans launched an attack on Pitru's barricade along Deeplough's ridge, which was well defended on all fronts. Pitru's force was quickly overwhelmed and in the midst of battle Pitru was killed by Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk in a berserk killing spree. Since the mad hare was unable to use his pike axe at short distance, he pulled Pitru close and broke his back with the axehaft. His body was eaten by the Slothunog after Frunk threw himself and Pitru's body into the Deeplough.

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