Not to be confused with Plugg Firetail.


Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Eaten by a gannet
Appears: High Rhulain

Plugtail was a rat in the gang of Groffgut. He had a very short tail. He was knocked senseless by Tiria Wildlough when she attacked with Girry, Tribsy and Brinty.

While trying to attack Redwall Abbey, Plugtail helped Threetooth to ascend the walls. The scheme failed miserably, however, as Abbess Lycian knocked out Threetooth and flung her teapot at the gang. Plugtail was unfortunate enough to get the teapot stuck on his head, but he managed to remove it.

Later, while Groffgut and his crew were lying in wait in the ditch outside Redwall, an invading gannet was forced out of the Abbey. Plugtail and his fellow gangmember Frogeye were eaten by the hungry bird, while their comrades scattered, never again to be seen at the Abbey.