Poems and Pints was a BBC2/BBC Cymmru/Wales television series that ran from 1972-1978. The show often broadcasted from pubs, and featured songs and poetry. Brian Jacques was a guest on the show twice. Each episode was approximately 25 minutes.

Season 4

  • Broadcast date: 11/29/1976

This episode featured The Triton pub in Liverpool, and along with Brian Jacques, guests included Ryan Davies, Mari Griffith, Norman Rossington, John McCormack, and The Spinners.


  • "Liverpool Home" and "The Deep Blue Sea" performed by The Spinners & John McCormack
  • "Metamorphosis" performed by Mari Griffith


  • "While Life Goes On" and "The Siege of Liverpool" by Brian Jacques
  • "Bless This Scouse" and "Metamorphosis" by Spencer Leigh
  • "A Welsh Toast" by Anonymous
  • "He Didn't Oughter" by A. P. Herbert
  • "The Colour of Loving" by Herbert Williams
  • "Sun and Fun" by John Betjeman
  • "The Great Man" by Richard Hill
  • "1805" by Robert Graves

Season 5

  • Broadcast date: 3/21/1978, Season 5 Episode 4
  • Producer: Jack Williams

This episode was broadcasted from the Deeside Leisure Centre in Queensferry, Clwyd. Along with Brian Jacques, guests included Meredith Edwards, Nerys Hughes, Sion Probert, Olwen Rees, Neil Lewis and John Luce.

Jacques, Edwards, Hughes, Rees, and Probert were poetry readers.


  • "Did You Ever See" performed by Neil Lewis, John Luce, and the audience
  • "And Another One For Luck" performed by Olwen Rees, with Neil Lewis & John Luce
  • "The Pride Of The Morning" performed by Olwen Rees


  • "CLWYD" by Dyfed Glyn Jones
  • "Here Lies A Lover" by Kenneth Hopkins
  • "You Hesitate If You Shall Take A Wife" and "My Love When Dressed" by Anonymous
  • "The Clock Strikes" and "Lost In The Wilderness" by Brian Jacques
  • "Not Tonight Josephine" by Colin Curgon
  • "What Care I For Wales", Free translation of "Hon" by Sir Thomas Parry-Williams
  • "The Collier" by Vernon Watkins
  • "Bill Was Ill" by Mark Hollis
  • "Not So Gorgeous" by J. A. Lindon
  • "Note For The Future" by Jim Burns
  • "Padded Up For Action" by Gwyn Thomas

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