Place of Origin:Scrubby Woodland
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Polleekin was an old female mole who lived in a dead oak tree in the northern forest. She offered shelter and food to Martin the Warrior, Rose, Pallum, and Grumm Trencher. She originally lived with a tribe of other moles, but they had passed away long ago, along with her family.

Polleekin was a fortune-teller or seer; she had predicted bad fortune--Rose's death--for Martin if he returned to Fort Marshank to kill Badrang the Tyrant. She talked of how other's lives were always in her head. However she did not want to share her visions with others in order not to give them false hopes or bring them unconfirmed reason for sadness.


Polleekin from the Redwall TV Series

Polleekin also told the four friends how to get to Noonvale. Although she could not write or draw maps, she was able to indicate the route that the travelers should follow using descriptive poems and cryptic messages. She enjoyed company and was an excellent cook. The travelers liked Polleekin very much and Grumm commented he was proud to be a member of her species.

Later after the final battle of Fort Marshank, Polleekin healed Martin of his wounds. After Martin left to go questing, Polleekin had a vision of Martin, that predicted that in time Martin would go on to find happiness, as well as greatness and be remembered for all time as one of the greatest warriors who ever lived.