Place of Origin:Marlfox Island
Weapon: Axe
Death: Accidentally jumped over the Abbey wall and died from the fall
Appears: Marlfox

Predak was a Marlfox, the daughter of Silth, and the sister of Mokkan, Lantur, Ziral, Gelltor, Vannan, and Ascrod. She was often paired with Gelltor during raids. Like all the Marlfoxes, she had pale eyes and silver-white mottled fur. She wore a cloak of green and brown.

Predak took part in trying to take over Redwall Abbey and was the sixth Marlfox to die. In the final battle, Borrakul cornered her and nearly strangled her to death because she killed his brother Elachim. She managed to free herself and accidentally jumped over the abbey wall, dying from the long fall to the ground.