Prince Bladd


Species:Pure Ferret
Place of Origin:Riftgard
Death: Killed by a Redwall Abbey cauldron
Appears: Triss

" Young Bladd ain't as stupid as 'e looks." --Captain Riftun

Prince Bladd was the Pure Ferret grandson of King Sarengo, the son of King Agarnu and the older brother of Princess Kurda. He was taller than Kurda but overweight and often acted childish; nonetheless, Plugg Firetail said that Bladd possessed more guts than his sister Kurda, who was supposed to be the fiercer of the two siblings.

When Bladd and Kurda came onboard the Seascab, Bladd, despite voicing several complaints about teasing and uncomfortable quarters, began to gain quite an admiration for the tough Freebooters and wanted to become like them. Plugg and Grubbage encouraged him, and he became more bold and willing to participate in dangerous events as time went on. Unfortunately, his short-lived aspirations were ended not long after the Freebooters arrived at Redwall Abbey; the Redwallers dropped a large cauldron full of hot oatmeal on him as he attempted to burn the gate down, and his head was crushed by the falling pot. Scummy the stoat later wrote a poetic verse in his honor.