Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Purslane was a female mouse and a former slave in Fort Marshank. She had a husband, named Groot and an infant son, named Fuffle. Even during her captivity Purslane was particularly active and ready to help other slaves as much as possible. She was a great cook and helped prepare meals to allow slaves enough strength to escape. She was also very resourceful and managed to find an axe head and a broken sword blade to help fight the guards.

Purslane and her family eventually escaped the Fort with other slaves when Brome and Keyla guided them through a tunnel towards freedom. When the freed slaves met the Rambling Rosehip Players, Purslane and her family marvelled at the contents of their larder and their abundance and variety of food. She thanked the Players for their generosity and help by preparing wonderful meal for them, especially trifles, and Ferndew, Geum and Burrwen helped her prepare a great liberation feast to celebrate the first evening of the recently freed slaves.

Purslane was one of the strongest advocates for open warfare against Marshank. She knew that as long as Badrang the Tyrant ruled the Fort, he would enslave others. She cared for the welfare of others and not simply her own. Although she was very mild-mannered and gentle, she could be very tough and strong to protect and defend others. In many ways, through her generosity, her fighting spirit and her selflessness, Purslane represented the opposite personality of Geum.