Queen Amballa


Species:Pygmy Shrew
Place of Origin:Cliffs north of Fort Marshank
Weapon: Pygmy Shrew Sword
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior
Voice(s): Tracey Moore, Sherrill Parsons
TV Series: Season 3

Queen Amballa (or Ballamum as she was otherwise called) was the Queen of the pygmy shrew colony that lived on the cliffs north of Fort Marshank. She had a son named Dinjer and a husband who had been carried off by a gannet and was presumably eaten. She imprisoned Martin the Warrior, Rose, and Grumm Trencher for a short while. After Martin saved Dinjer from another gannet, she set them free, including Pallum. Her sword supplied Martin with a weapon until he recovered his own sword. Later, she was recruited by Boldred to join Martin in the Battle of Marshank.

Amballa TV series

Queen Amballa from the Redwall TV Series