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The Rapscallion sword is carried by the Firstblade, or leader, of the Rapscallion army. One side is wavy, to convey the oceans, the other is flat, to convey land. The sword is thrown into the air and depending on which side it lands on dictates which way the army goes.

Gormad Tunn, the original Firstblade, favored sailing, so he rigged the sword with a brass clip so that it always fell on the wavy side.

Damug Warfang, Tunn's son and successor, favored land traveling, so he rigged the sword in a similar fashion, which he learned from Lugworm, so that it fell on the flat side.

When Damug was slain by Cregga Rose Eyes, the Rapscallion sword was broken.


The sword appears in The Long Patrol.

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