Place of Origin:Northlands
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Killed by Brogg under Tsarmina's orders
Appears: Mossflower
"Oh, that's nice, lads. Wish I had comfy chambers instead of a damp barracks."

Ratflank was a male stoat of the Thousand Eye Army. Ratflank was an insolent stoat who often shouted insults regarding the army's Queen, Tsarmina, from the safety of its ranks. Despite this, he showed distinction as an officer, as he was promoted to Captain upon the death of Cludd, along with Brogg. He was often at odds with his fellow captain.

Ratflank took greatly to the office of captain, often hanging around the food stores and being abusive and insulting towards his fellow officers. At times he worked together with Brogg, but they were just as often insulting towards one other. Tsarmina eventually recognized Ratflank's voice as the one that had repeatedly insulted her during one of these arguments and had Brogg kill him in secret, leaving him as her only captain.