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Raura Shellrudd

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Raura Shellrudd

Species:Sea otter
Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Triss

Raura Shellrudd was an old sea otterwife and the friend of Slippo the seal. She had no children, and she lived with Slippo in a den which was located in a channel between some small cliffrocks. Raura and Slippo met Sagaxus, Scarum, and Kroova when the friends were running away from Salamandastron to head to Redwall Abbey; she offered them shelter for a night and supper. Not approving of runaways, Raura tried her best to make the three friends feel guilty for their actions, and convince them to go back to Salamandastron; she very nearly succeeded, until the young ones fled from her dwelling, not wanting to hear any more.

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