Raventail was originally the leader of a band of about twenty ferrets. They lived east of Redwall Abbey. They attacked Dann, Song, Dippler and Burble, and captured the latter two before torturing them. Later on the ferrets' number was lessened after Song and Dann attacked. Somehow the two squirrels alone beat off the twenty ferrets, and Dann injured Raventail himself while in a grip of Bloodwrath.

Raventail later met the Marlfoxes Vannan, Ascrod, and Predak. After a few simple tricks, the barbaric ferret was completely convinced that the foxes were magic. The group swelled from twenty to nearly a hundred when they went recruiting. They joined the Marlfoxes in the assault of Redwall.

During the last battle, Raventail himself was killed by Cregga Badgermum and most of his vermin were also slain. The ones that survived were forced to clean up the Abbey, then their weapons were confiscated and they scattered.

The band painted themselves with tattoos, giving themselves a barbaric appearance. Despite Raventail's significance in the story, none of his band was ever named.


Raventail's Band appears in Marlfox.

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