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Redwall: The Warrior Reborn


Developer:Soma Games, RocketSnail Games, Kaio Interactive
Genre:Progressive Fantasy Adventure

Redwall: The Warrior Reborn is an official Redwall video game with an intent for release on Mac, PC, and potentially tablets and consoles. The game is currently being developed by Soma Games, Kaio Interactive, Christopher and Allan Miller, Sean Rubin, Alex Kain and Lance Priebe, with Jared Shear and Nat Iwata contributing artwork.

While initially the game was scheduled for a Fall 2012 release, financial concerns called for the recruitment of a new partner. In April 2013, Soma Games became involved with the project. In September 2014, Soma requested additional financial support. Soma revealed a partnership with the Maclellan Foundation in February 2015.

As details surrounding this project are continually developing, be sure to check the news page for regular updates and reports.


In April 2013, Soma Games launched a Kickstarter with the goal of raising $11,000 for a Minecraft map of Redwall Abbey. The project officially achieved complete funding on the evening of May 6, and by the campaign's end on May 26, $17,618 was contributed. Out a list of bonus locations, Saint Ninian's was unlocked after the campaign received $16,000. With the addition of funds raised via PayPal, Gingivere's Farm will also be an in-game place. Originally, Soma stated that summer 2014 would be the release time for the game, which is currently unknown. The Minecraft map, AbbeyCraft, was released on August 9, 2013.


A mouse character, "Simon," was described as follows: "Simon grew up far to the south where tall grass was far more common than tall trees and where serpents gathered in groups. As a child, a traveling monk came through his village tending the sick and lame and that's the first he heard of Redwall. As he grew he found himself always drifting north, season by season he'd wander and while he had no goal in mind there seemed an invisible cord drawing him onward until he found himself standing before the looming wall of Mossflower Wood."

Neebrock, a Salamandastron badger, has been shown in various demos. It is unknown if he will actually appear in the game itself.


Originally, this synopsis was announced:

A fantasy adventure game where you control the actions of a Redwall outsider, on his quest to find the Warrior's Star, a mystical relic believed to be recovered by Martin the Warrior long ago. Called by the spirit of Martin himself, you must secretly explore abbey halls, solve ancient riddles and unlock hidden passageways without being discovered in your search of the mysterious treasure. But beware of those who seek the Star for darker purposes. The fate of Mossflower is in your hands. Lead on, brave adventurer. Your quest awaits!

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