The Redwall CD-ROM was a computer software project announced around 1996 that would feature an interactive tour of Redwall Abbey. It was later delayed until Spring 1998, and then put on hold and shelved as of 2001. Brian Jacques mentioned at the time that it might involve a tie-in to the Nelvana Redwall TV Series.

In Ask Brian, Volume 1, featured on, Brian described it this way:

It will be a concordance of the world of Redwall, with users able to visit places in the tales and access information about characters storylines etc. I will be doing a commentary and a potted history of me too! There will be no 'Game' element to it although we hope that we can incorporate Quiz and riddle elements as they are almost always part of the stories. This will not be available until the Film/T.V. series is up and running because of the tie in with artwork which will be necessary.

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