Year Published: 1995
Illustrators: Chris Baker, Pete Lyon, Allan Curless
Page Count: 160
ISBN: ISBN 0091766745
ISBN-13: ISBN 9780091766740

Redwall Diary 1996, front cover


Redwall Diary 1996, back cover

The Redwall Diary 1996 was published by Hutchinson and Random House UK in July 1995 as an accessory to the Redwall series.


The diary was designed to appeal to young girls and boys. It featured extensive artwork captioned with quotes from the novels. There is a small spot for writing every day starting December 25 1995 and ending January 5 1997. The diary is currently out of print, and is considered extremely rare.

Artwork in the diary was courtesy of Chris Baker, Pete Lyon and Allan Curless. It is not the same item as the later released A Redwall Journal.


This item was featured in the Redwall Collectors Community series.

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