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  • LordTBT

    Redwall Wiki Celebrates 10 Years Online

    Where has all the time gone?

    Ten years ago, the Redwall Wiki emerged online. I would never have believed that today, in 2015, we'd have a rich database with 3,037 articles, approximately 5,136 images (2,636 of which constitute fan artwork), and around 726 fan f…

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  • LordTBT

    ARC front]]

    Welcome to the 16th entry in the Redwall Wiki's ongoing series about collectibles.

    Castaways of the Flying Dutchman was Brian Jacques' first non-Redwall novel (his last non-Redwall book, Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales, was published in 1991), and published back in 2001.

    In the UK, Castaways

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  • LordTBT

    In February 2010, Penguin officially announced a contest for Redwall fans, in which one lucky winner would get to name a character in a future novel. Today, more than five and a half years later, we will finally reveal what happened. And it will surprise you.

    The contest copy stated that the character…

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  • LordTBT

    , from the Redwall TV Series]]

    Over a year ago, we broke the news that Redwall TV Series production art was available for purchase on eBay.

    During the past year, many, many pieces of original artwork from the show has popped up from that same eBay seller. We're delighted to announce that the Redwall …

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