The marshland of Marshwood Hill was inhabited by reptiles and amphibians of all shapes and sizes, despite the Warden's claim to eat all lizards he sees.

Cannibal Lizard Leader

The Lizard leader from the Redwall TV Series

Known Reptiles/Amphibians

  • A large, cannibalistic group of lizards led by a bulky male with a red neckfrill. This tribe captured Martin the Warrior, Grumm Trencher, Laterose of Noonvale and Pallum. The prisoners were fed mushroom porridge to fatten them up, but were saved by the Warden.
  • Two slowworms who acted as spies to the lizard gang
  • Two adders that attacked the traveling group and nearly killed the Warden, but were chased off by Martin
  • The Warden also mentions that many amphibians, such as toads, also inhabit the marshes


The Reptiles of Marshwood Hill appear in Martin the Warrior.

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