Place of Origin:Isle of Irgash
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Eaten by Sircolo
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Ricker was a searat in the crew of Razzid Wearat, serving aboard the Greenshroud. He was a bit spoiled in his taste of food, and complained to the point of being labeled a fussbucket.

When Uggo Wiltud and Posybud escaped the Greenshroud, Razzid sent Ricker and Voogal after them. The pair tracked the escaped prisoners through a stinking marshland, though with no great relish. Eventually, they gave up the unpleasant task, and sat down to eat, and to argue what to do next. Ricker was in the midst of making fun of Voogal when Sircolo swooped in and took his ear off. The giant bird then slew the rat, and carried him off to eat him.