The Ridge of a Thousand was where the battle in The Long Patrol took place. It had a rock shaped like an otter's tail sticking up on top of the ridge. After receiving a vision from Martin the Warrior, it was decided that the fight was to take place at the Ridge. Because the south wall of Redwall Abbey was in ruins, the Redwallers sent Tammo and Midge to get Damug Warfang to bring his army of a thousand vermin there so that the Abbey was not conquered.

After the battle, the axepike of Badger Lady Cregga Rose Eyes was placed atop the ridge with a flag bearing a letter R (for Redwall) in the center of the flag. A stone tablet with a poem written by Pasque Valerian was also placed there as a tribute to those lost.


The Ridge of a Thousand appears in The Long Patrol.

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