Riftgard was a large fortress made of stone on the edge of a fjord. It was on an eponymous island near mountains in the far north, and it was at least partially bordered by pine forests. It was ruled by the white Pure Ferrets, including King Sarengo, King Agarnu, Prince Bladd, and the bloodthirsty Princess Kurda.

Riftgard relied on slave labor to function. The fortress was guarded by the Ratguard, who also directed the slaves.

After Triss, an escaped captive, freed the slaves from the Pure Ferrets' rule, they adopted Riftgard as their new home. It became a Redwall Abbey-like community.


Riftgard appears in Triss.


  • In Old Germanic English, "rift" was the term for a curtain or cloak. In Old Saxon, Old Norse and some other Germanic languages, "gard" or "gård" was the term for lands or countryside.

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