Place of Origin:Riftgard
Weapon: Spear
Death: Struck by lightning
Appears: Triss

"I never took to that Riftun, 'e was a snootynosed rat." - Plugg Firetail

Riftun was Captain of the Ratguard. He badly mistreated the slaves of Riftgard, more, perhaps, than any other beast. He was the highest-ranking Ratguard, for he knew about the importance of King Sarengo's crown and pawring, but his second-in-command, Lieutenant Flith, did not.

Riftun accompanied Princess Kurda and her brother on their voyage to recapture Triss, Welfo and Shogg, to ensure that "Kurda and Bladd don't kill each other." The Freebooter crew of Plugg Firetail took an instant dislike to him, especially the weasel Tazzin.

Riftun was with Kurda on the deck, one stormy night, when Triss and Shogg's vessel sailed past the ship they were sailing on. He was about to throw his spear and kill Shogg when lightning struck the metal spearhead, killing him instantly. Vorto succeeded him as captain.


  • Riftun is the only character in the series to die from being electrocuted.