Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Russa's Hardwood stick and Spear
Death: Killed by Tammo
Appears: The Long Patrol

Rinkul the ferret was a Rapscallion soldier. Along with a detachment of others, he left the army before the death of Gormad Tunn on a scouting mission. The Rapscallion troops soon came into conflict with the Long Patrol, who defeated them. In the process, Rinkul killed the squirrel Russa Nodrey and took her hardwood stick. He alone escaped, thanks to his agility, and wandered through Mossflower Woods for a short time before he came upon Redwall Abbey. He discovered that the abbey's south wall was crumbling, and seizing a good chance, he hurried off to report to Tunn, not knowing of the Greatrat's death.

It was by chance that he was found by some Rapscallion scouts led by Rapmark Gaduss. They took him to the new chieftain, Damug Warfang, to whom Rinkul relayed the information.

Later on, two Long Patrol hares, Midge Manycoats and Tammo, came into the Rapscallion camp, disguised as old ragged seers. Tammo and Rinkul recognized each other, and for a long time Rinkul was suspicious of their actions, though nobody listened to him. He was friends with an unnamed vixen.

Finally, Rinkul took a small gang of vermin and discovered that Tammo and Midge were preparing to escape. Rinkul gave chase and speared Rockjaw Grang in the process. He was ultimately killed by Tammo, who hurled his spear at the ferret, as revenge for Russa Nodrey's death. The dying Rockjaw pried her stick from Rinkul's dead paws and gave it to Tammo.