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Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Curved sword, whip
Death: Crushed by Boar the Fighter
Appears: Mossflower

Ripfang the searat was captain of the Bloodwake. His left fang was abnormally long, hence his name. Cunning and clever, he took many slaves from different vessels, including Log-a-Log Big Club and Timballisto. Ripfang was crushed to death by Boar the Fighter when the badger fulfilled a prophecy written on Salamandastron's walls, dying in the process.

Brian Jacques on Ripfang

In a question-and-answer session with Brian Jacques, he was asked "In Mossflower there is a searat captain Ripfang. In Lord Brocktree there is another searat captain Ripfang. Are both these searat captains the same animal?" by a reader.

He responded: "No just a coincidence."

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