Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Cutlass, dagger
Death: Unknown
Appears: Lord Brocktree

Ripfang was a former corsair who joined the Blue Hordes with his brother Doomeye. He and his brother quickly gained the rank of Captain, or rather took it, from Captains Fraul and Mirefleck. Ripfang found quick favor with his master, Ungatt Trunn, who gave the brothers several important command duties. Ripfang found further favor with the wildcat after reporting a sighting of Lord Brocktree to Trunn.

Before the battle between Trunn and Brocktree, Ripfang and Doomeye were ordered to slay Brocktree when they saw that the wildcat was losing. The two rats were then ordered by Ungatt Trunn to climb to the top of Salamandastron, with Ripfang being a lookout and Doomeye acting as a sniper. During the duel, however, the plot to kill Brocktree went wrong. The original flight trajectory of the arrow had been targeted at the badger's head, but right after the arrow was released, Brocktree moved, thus allowing the arrow strike him in the shoulder rather than the head. Ruffgar Brookback had seen the arrow and quickly dispatched Doomeye with a javelin. Ripfang fled the west coast after the demise of Trunn and his brother. He pushed Karangool off of his vessel to gain control of the ship.

Brian Jacques on Ripfang

In a question-and-answer session with Brian Jacques, he was asked "In Mossflower there is a searat captain Ripfang. In Lord Brocktree there is another searat captain Ripfang. Are both these searat captains the same animal?" by a reader.

He responded: "No just a coincidence."