Place of Origin:Terramort
Weapon: Sword
Death: Killed by Dandin
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Riptung was a searat captain of the Nightwake. He was sent by Gabool the Wild to search for Greypatch and the Darkqueen. He returned to Terramort around the same time as Hookfin and Grimtooth, and attempted to race them in the home stretch. During this, he mistook Mariel and Tarquin for searats on the Waveblade and replied verbally to their pantomimes. Once in Fort Bladegirt, Riptung found the King of Searat in a great state of confusion, approaching madness.

When he saw that the Waveblade was being stolen by Rawnblade Widestripe, Dandin, Mariel and Tarquin, the searat captain ran after them but failed to catch up with the badger and his friends.

Riptung, Hookfin, and Grimtooth took charge of the Fort when Gabool retired to his chambers and the escaped slaves attacked. Riptung led the fight to defend the Fort until he was killed by Dandin with the sword of Martin the Warrior.