Romsca and Abbot Durral

Place of Origin:Sampetra
Weapon: Cutlass
Death: Mutual Kill with Lask Frildur
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Lask Frildur vs. Romsca

Romsca was a female ferret corsair and the captain of the Waveworm. She was Conva's first mate and became captain after his death. At the request of Ublaz Mad Eyes, she and her crew escorted Lask Frildur and a score of his monitor lizards across the western sea to Mossflower Woods in search of the Tears of all Oceans. Since the Pearls were within the walls of Redwall Abbey and had not yet been discovered, Lask captured Abbot Durral for ransom, and Romsca sailed the Waveworm back to Sampetra with the captive.

However, Lask and Romsca despised one another, and the rivalry grew to a peak on the return voyage. Lask and his lizards were needlessly cruel to old Durral, and Romsca befriended the mouse Abbot and protected him from the evil lizards. She ended up fighting Lask to the death, and her crew and the monitor lizards completely killed each other off. Romsca herself slew Lask, but her own injuries were severe; she died from a horrific wound across her spine. Durral, the last living and unharmed creature on board, tended to Romsca as she was dying and listened to her confessions and wishes to have been a goodbeast. Romsca also gave Durral instructions on how to sail the ship the rest of the way to Sampetra, as it was too late to turn around, and told him to seek help from her friends on the island. Right before Romsca died, Abbot Durral called her child, and she replied, "My child. I like that. Thank ye, father." This confirmed the significant change in her.

Romsca is known as one of Jacques' most interesting, well-written and popular grey characters. She is also one of the few "vermin" to overcome what are generally the set-in-stone characteristics of her kind.