Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Triss
"Burr hoo, but ee doo 'ave a foine turn o' paw, marm. Thurr goes ee molechoild arfter moi own heart, burr aye!"
-Foremole Urrm

Roobil was a very plump male Dibbun mole of Redwall Abbey and the rebellious leader of the Dibbuns Against Bedtime. His most notorious incident in that position came when he and several other Dibbuns from the DAB gang were offered the chance to make blackberry tarts in The Kitchens. Roobil tricked Memm Flackery and the other adults watching them into leaving the room, and then locked the door to the kitchen, whereupon he and the others set upon digging into and eating everything they could get their paws on, making a huge mess. When the door was finally taken off its hinges, Roobil and the rest were sentenced to a thorough bathing, and no supper, for the damages, though Roobil admitted they were all too full to eat dinner anyhow. He also got himself and the DAB gang on Abbot's Report for the disaster.

Roobil was an excellent dancer for his age, but never learned the words to any of the songs he was taught, only singing "Rumpity Tum" over and over, much to Memm Flackery's annoyance.