Rukky Garge


Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Taggerung

Rukky Garge was a very old, very touchy "otterfixer." Her fur was silver-white, and she wore a long cloak that had shiny objects sewn into it. Her known skills were healing injuries that would otherwise lead to death, removing and adding tattoos, and removing old scars. As payment for these services, Rukky loved shiny objects, and pans of watershrimp and hotroot soup. For some unknown reason, Rukky hated to be touched.

Skipper seemed to have known her since he was a pup, and took Deyna to be healed by her when he took an arrow to the chest. She agreed to help, but refused Sawney Rath's blade as payment, stating that as the blade had shed blood, she wouldn't touch it. Rukky also removed the tattoos from Deyna's face and the Taggerung birthmark from his paw.


Rukky Garge by Peter Standley