Rusvul Reguba

Rusvul Reguba

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Various
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

Rusvul Reguba was the father of Dannflor and a good friend of Janglur Swifteye. He was a powerful warrior and took an intense pride in the name Reguba. He had fought in a few campaigns with Janglur before. At some point, however--possibly after the death of his wife--he settled at Redwall Abbey with his son Dann.

Rusvul was a stern and serious beast, and was often harsh in his words. When Janglur arrived at the Abbey with his family, Rusvul was glad at the reunion. He helped organize the rescue operation for Dwopple, and was wounded by a javelin. While the rescuers were engaged with the Marlfoxes, Vannan, Ascrod and a small force of rats stole The Tapestry of Martin the Warrior while Song, Dann, and Dippler were standing guard in the Great Hall. Rusvul was furious with them, especially his son Dann.

The others present were shocked by this display, and Janglur chided Rusvul for speaking so harshly to his son later, telling him that his accusations of cowardice only brought shame to himself. When his son and the others took the Sword of Martin and left to retrieve the Tapestry, Rusvul blamed himself for driving Dann away and regretted his strong words.

Rusvul was a key planner in the defense of the Abbey that summer while the Marlfoxes mounted persistent attacks on it. He and Janglur successfully defended against the foxes and their rat soldiers as they tried to climb, swing, and burn their way into the Abbey. When the foxes finally burst in through the main gate, (the first night that Janglur and Rusvul were not on watch) he and Janglur led a successful charge against them.


  • "Reg" is the Latin root for "royalty", as well as the common root of terms such as "honest", "upright", and "proper". (rego [to guide , direct; to rule, govern, administer] [1]. A fitting surname for a family of Abbey Warriors.


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