Place of Origin:Terramort Isle
Weapon: Cutlass and hook
Death: Killed by a trap set by Gabool the Wild
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Saltar the Corsair, brother of Bludrigg, was captain of the Darkqueen. Saltar was particularly cruel. When he discovered Mariel Gullwhacker hidden under a blanket in a cabin of the Periwinkle, he subdued her by beating her, and threw several of her shipmates overboard.

After hearing of Bludrigg's death, Saltar sailed back to the island of Terramort. Emboldened by the news that Mariel escaped from Gabool the Wild, he proceeded to challenge Gabool for the rule of Fort Bladegirt. Although Saltar did not really love Bludrigg, he also wished to punish the offense against his brother's honor. His attempt to attack Terramort with his crew failed when Gabool preempted his move. Although Saltar was an experienced fighter and often used a hook to parry attacks, he was eventually killed with a trap hidden by Gabool behind a curtain.

Not to be confused with Saltear.