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Sampetra (INSU)

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Sampetra (INSU)

Lead Administrator:Ublaz
Foundation:August 5th, 1998
Cessation: October 23, 2001
Main Language:English
Type of Site:Club
Most Recent URL

Sampetra (INSU), also known as Imperial Navy Serving Ublaz, was founded on August 5th, 1998 as an online Redwall club by Ublaz. The site is believed to have originally resided at

"Wars" often were waged between fellow ROCer Dark Mouse and his website Dark Mouse's Cove.

At some point, an official "library" maintaining fan fiction and "mission logs" was established at

On October 23, 2001, the site closed. Many years later, a memorial group was founded on Facebook in remembrance.

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