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Weilmark Scaut


Species:Feral Cat
Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Whip and Dagger
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Weilmark Scaut was a burly, ginger feral-cat, captain of the guard at the Fortress of Green Isle. He carried a whip and a long, slim dagger for torture. He was brutal, coarse, and despised by slaves and catguards alike.

Scaut was a strong supporter of Riggu Felis, mainly due to his fear of the wildcat. He deserted, however, when Felis was fighting a losing battle against the otters and Long Patrol. With a small band of deserters, he went north, where Felis' rebellious son Pitru was camped. Pitru despised Scaut, and made him a slave. His fate is not mentioned in the book; however, it seems unlikely he would have escaped the final battle.

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