The Screamhole was a large pit with slippery walls located in the Toadlands. The screamhole was notorious for holding Snakefish, as well as being where the residents of the Toadlands would hold their prisoners. It was named such because of the screams that came from those who had been imprisoned within it either as they waited in fear to be eaten by Snakefish, or as they were being eaten.

Martin the Warrior, Young Dinny, and Log-a-Log Big Club were captured by the toads while on their way to Salamandastron and thrown into the Screamhole. This would be considered a disastrous incident, except that in the screamhole is where Martin, Dinny, and Log-a-Log were reunited with Gonff the Mousethief, who had been captured by the toads much earlier. The four travelers befriended the Snakefish, and all five of the Screamhole's prisoners escaped that day. Snakefish was let loose to have his revenge on his toad captors, and the four travelers were escorted out of the Toadlands by their leader, Marshgreen.

Later, in Salamandastron, Mara and Pikkle Ffolger were captured by toads and thrown into the screamhole with Nordo and some Guossom shrews. They dug a hole to evade the toads grass-fiber nooses. They later escaped when Log-a-Log and the Guossom shrews came to the rescue.


The Screamhole appears in Mossflower and Salamandastron.

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