The Scrubby Woodland is a small woodland located near the edge of the cliffs on the Eastern Coast. This area consists of small, scrubby trees with thick foliage, interspersed with old dead oaks. The woodland floor is covered with moss and shrubs and the vegetation is quite dense. Far inside the woodland the foliage forms a dark canopy giving the area a gloomy, eerie feeling. Small springs and brooks can be found in the woodland. At the western limits of the forest begin the West Marshes.

The Scrubby Woodland is inhabited by an unusual mix of creatures. At the entrance of the woodland resides Polleekin, a gentle and motherly mole who took care of Martin the Warrior, Laterose of Noonvale, Grumm Trencher and Pallum, and gave them some directions in their journey. Gigantic hives of particularly fierce bees occupy a group of trees and shrubs near a path in the woods. Further inside the woodland are the Mirdop and a family of fussy rabbits. The woodland is also populated by small birds.

Known Residents of the Scrubby Woodland


Scrubby Woodland appear in Martin the Warrior.

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