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Rakkety Tam Audio Book cover by Rubin


High Rhulain Audio Book cover by Rubin

Sean Rubin was an artist for and was a cover artist for Redwall Audio Books from 2001 - 2010. In terms of the Redwall Online Community, Rubin contributed extensive artwork to Terrouge Productions, co-founded Vulpine Imperium, and helped found Odyssey Interactive with Alex Kain, which attempted to produce a Redwall-based interactive novel. While this project failed, both Kain and Rubin later contributed writing and artwork to a 2010 Mouse Guard graphic novel.

From 2010 - 2011, he was the illustrator for the Redwall novels.

He is also known for his 2017 graphic novel, Bolivar, which will be adapted as a movie by Fox.

Born: Brooklyn, NY

Resides: Long Island, NY

Education: Princeton University



Rubin has drawn covers for the following Redwall audio books:

Rubin has illustrated the following Redwall novels: