Distinguishing Features:N/A
Destruction:Sunk by the Trag
Appears in:Mariel of Redwall

The Seatalon was one of the ships under the command of Gabool the Wild, captained by Catseyes. The slavedriver was named Blodge, and his friend was Clatt.

The Seatalon was sent by Gabool to capture Greypatch, who had stolen the Darkqueen, but after an unsuccessful mission, it returned to Terramort Isle.

Along the way, the crew crashed into the wreckage of the Greenfang, and managed to capture Durry Quill and Dandin to be used as oarslaves. The ship was harboured in Terramort while most of the crew, lead by the mate Fishtail, was sent out to spy on Gabool and the captain of the Rathelm, Flogga, because Catseyes wasn't on good terms with Flogga and Gabool was rumoured to be mad.

When found out, Fishtail was thrown to Skrabblag, as Gabool disfavoured spies. Meanwhile, Catseyes, Blodge, Clatt, and four other searats were left on board, when Joseph the Bellmaker and twenty members of the Trag secretly climbed aboard, killed the crew, freed the oarslaves, and sunk the ship.

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