Shekra by Sean Rubin
Shekra by Sean Rubin

Place of Origin:Isle of Irgash
Weapon: Dagger, unidentified blade
Death: Killed by Trug Bawdsley
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Shekra was the vixen Seer and healer for Razzid Wearat. She sailed on his ship Greenshroud and read her omens for him, sometimes manipulating them for her own ends. Razzid often hinted that he was aware of this; nonetheless, he heeded her advice most of the time, as it was usually sound. The one time he blatantly ignored her predictions was when she advised him to not attack Skor Axehound and the Rogue Crew. As Shekra predicted, it went badly; most of Razzid's crew was slaughtered and the Wearat himself was badly burnt, as was his ship.

Upon returning home to the Isle of Irgash, Shekra tended to the dying Razzid, using all her skill and his own determination to pull him back from the brink. During Braggio Ironhook's takeover of Irgash, Shekra was one of only a handful of creatures who knew Razzid was still living, though she kept the secret until the Wearat declared the time was right.

After Braggio was defeated and Razzid began sailing again, Shekra again advised him against sailing to the High North Coast and fighting the Rogue Crew, suggesting he go to Mossflower Woods and attack Redwall Abbey instead. This time, Razzid heeded her advice, albeit with very bad grace. His temper and cruelty began to get to the crew, though Shekra stayed on the safe side with her master at first.

After Razzid deliberately sent Dirgo to his death in a pike stream, Shekra decided to assist the secret mutiny Mowlag, Wigsul, and Jiboree were planning. However, Razzid began to suspect, so Shekra again changed sides and told the Wearat she had been forced into it by the others, giving him Wigsul as a scapegoat to kill. Razzid damaged her paw with his trident as punishment for being involved, but allowed her to keep her life. She took part in the battle against Redwall on Razzid's side, but was slain by Trug Bawdsley in vengeance for his sister, Trey.