Distinguishing Features:N/A
Captain(s):Gulif, various others
Appears in:Triss

The Shogg was a small unnamed ship built by the slaves of Riftgard. It was originally for a voyage by Princess Kurda and Prince Bladd to recover the pawring and crown of King Sarengo. Instead three slaves, Triss, Shogg, and Welfo stole the Shogg to escape from Riftgard. When they landed on the shore of the western coast, Triss and Shogg had to abandon it because Kurda, her Ratguards, Plugg Firetail and his Freebooters were quickly approaching.

Later Triss and Shogg recovered the ship and encountered the runaways, Sagax, Scarum, and Kroova. Together they escaped under the noses of their pursuers. After Shogg was bitten by Zassaliss and died, Triss named the ship Shogg in his honor and presented the ship to Gulif as the ship's new captain.

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