Siege of Salamandastron

Location Salamandastron
Result Long Patrol Victory
Sunflash the Mace, Skarlath Swartt Sixclaw, Zigu, Nightshade
Faction Long Patrol Faction Swartt's Horde
Strength Moderate Strength Large
Casualties Moderate, including Skarlath Casualties Heavy, including Zigu and Nightshade
Species One Badger, Hares, Shrews, Otters, Squirrels Species Assorted vermin
Appears in Outcast of Redwall

The Siege of Salamandastron was fought between the hares of the Long Patrol led by Sunflash the Mace and a huge horde led by Swartt Sixclaw. The war was a result of a long struggle between Swartt and Sunflash. Swartt's horde first arrived on the shores of Salamandastron and set up camp. Swartt held a meeting with his captains and Nightshade to decide what action they would take for conquering the mountain. While in Salamandastron, Sunflash and his forces prepared for war; despite their low numbers they were willing to fight. Zigu then devised a plan to show their army's strength, which would maybe make the Long Patrol surrender. All of the other captains agreed to use this plan.

The battle then began with Sunflash and his forces refusing to surrender Swartt split up his forces. Swartt and his captain Aggal led an attack on the sides of the mountain; while Zigu led a frontal attack. Divisions of Long Patrol hares were sent to repel the assaults. Zigu later killed the hare Fordpetal and engaged in a battle with another hare named Sabretache, but the hare proved more than a match for Zigu and killed him. Aggal had his troops climb up the mountain but rocks were thrown down by the residents of Salamandastron and Aggal and his troops were defeated.

Sunflash came on to the battlefield fully armored, but Swartt and a group of his soldiers managed to capture him. Then a group of hares came to Sunflash's aid and rescued him. It seemed that Swartt's horde were about to completely overwhelm Sunflash and the Long Patrol; until Skarlath along with several otters, squirrels, and the Guosim shrews come to their rescue. Together they managed to repel Swartt's forces and emerge victorious. The horde was recuperating at night when a weasel named The Wraith came and offered his services to the ferret.

Swartt sent him to assassinate Sunflash; but Wraith never reported back to Swartt due to being killed by falling from the mountain. The next day Sunflash and his troops attacked the horde in a full all out battle. In the ensuing battle, Swartt's horde sustained terrible casualties and was routed. During the retreat, Nightshade managed to snipe at Skarlath from the woods and kill him, but was subsequently hunted down and killed by Sunflash. The remaining horde fled into the mountains to try and recover their losses.

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