Place of Origin:Land of Ice and Snow
Weapon: Sword and bow
Death: Killed by Rab Streambattle
Appears: The Bellmaker

Silvamord was the mate of the Foxwolf, the Urgan Nagru. Though smaller than him, she was still a vicious fighter. She enjoyed taunting Gael Squirrelking and his family, though her taunts often backfired. She wore a skirt made out of the tails of dead animals. Silvamord often bickered with Nagru.

Silvamord's arguments with Nagru came to a head while the Foxwolf was fighting escaped prisoners Mariel Gullwhacker, Dandin, Glokkpod and Field Marshal Meldrum. She sent Bluebane to spy on Nagru, but didn't know that Bluebane was actually on orders from Nagru to spy on her. Silvamord's plan was to promote one of her followers, Graywort, to Captain. This plan worked for a moment, but Nagru knew what was happening, and sent Graywort to instant death at the hands of Mariel and company.

Silvamord and Nagru made a truce, and agreed to try and capture the escaped prisoners as they swung down a rope to the battlements. The plan backfired, as the rats were attacked at the right moment by Iris Streambattle and her ottercrew. Silvamord tried to chase the escaped Mariel but failed to catch her.

During the siege of Castle Floret, Silvamord was given command of the rats staying within the castle while Nagru moved out into open territory to hunt down the Southwswarders. She unfortunately encountered the relief army under Joseph the Bellmaker. During the ensuing battle, she killed the shrew Fatch and escaped. Rab Streambattle saw her jump into Floret's moat, leaped after her and killed her in the water.


Her name appears to be a derivation from Latin, the words silva, meaning forest, and mors, meaning death; thus her name could be interpreted as "forest of death".

Her name could also be derived from two Danish words, selv and mord which put together literally means "self-murder." Her escape might imply this, but not necessarily.