Sister Amyl

Place of Origin:Loamhedge Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Loamhedge

Sister Amyl was a female mouse resident of Loamhedge Abbey under Abbess Germaine. At one point, she was totally incapable of walking and restrained to a wheelchair like Martha Braebuck, but she allegedly discovered a healer's cure and walked at some point. This secret cure was left at the grave of Abbess Sylvaticus for anyone needing it.

Amyl appeared to Martha in a vision with Martin the Warrior, reciting a poem regarding her "secret" which would help Martha walk.

Amyl was described as being well-educated and having neat writing with faultless spelling.


  • Amyl was one of the very few youngbeasts who needed a wheelchair - the other two were Dwink and Martha Braebuck.