Sister Doral

Species:Unknown Species
Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Sister Doral was the jolly Beekeeper of Redwall Abbey. During afternoon tea, she would play her fiddle and delight the abbeybeasts, many of which danced to the music. The Dibbuns, such as Taggle, Grumby and Groop, joined in joyously, and on one occasion, Pandion Piketalon and Brantalis Skyfurrow, as well.

Sister Doral went along the group headed by Banjon Wildlough, Brink Greyspoke and Sister Snowdrop into the Abbey's attic in order to find clues to Sister Geminya's riddles from the Geminya Tome. Although she did not reach the ancient, upper attics, she had to monitor the Dibbun, Smudger, to see that he didn't try climbing out of the window.