Skipper of Otters

Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Sling, Javelin
Death: Unknown
Appears: Taggerung

This Skipper was good friends with Rillflag, father of Deyna, and was among the crew that searched for him. When neither Rillflag or Deyna was found, he befriended Mhera and Filorn, the respective daughter and wife of Rillflag.

He was at the hullaballoo while Redwall Abbey was being attacked by vermin. Boorab the hare went and got him and his clan, but they arrived too late for the first vermin. When the rest of the vermin led by Ruggan Bor arrived, they helped defend the abbey.

Skipper also saved the life of Deyna when he took him to Rukky Garge. He was one of the more prominent detailed Skippers in the series, and is known for making excellent hotroot soup. He is also known to have a tattoo in the form of a pike on the back of his paw, though it is not known whether it is his left or right, and was put there by Rukky Garge.