Skittles Burrtrump Spikediggle


Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Lord Brocktree

Skittles Burrtrump Spikediggle was the son of Baron Drucco and his wife Mirklewort. He was rather embarrassed by his middle name. Skittles ran away four times and once was found and adopted by two hedgehogs, Grassum and Reedum, before running away from them. He was found by a group of shrews under the command of Log-a-Log Grenn, but ended up in a pike-infested stream before he was saved by Ruffgar Brookback. Skittles traveled with Lord Brocktree from then on and enjoyed sitting on the Badger Lord's shoulder by his sword hilt. Skittles often enjoyed paddling in the ocean around Salamandastron. He was mischievous and liked to make himself heard; he pronounced his name as "Skikkles" as he was too young to pronounce it properly and pronounced Lord Brocktree's name as B'ock. Skittles often referred to himself in the third person. After the defeat of Ungatt Trunn, Skittles stayed at the mountain with his family for a few seasons before returning home.